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Here at Jim Thomas Maintenance of Beaverton, OR, we specialize in superior gutter cleaning. Keeping your gutter system clean and free of debris extends beyond aesthetics. A professionally cleaned gutter system will actually extend the life of your roofing system. A gutter system clogged with debris can cause rainwater to back up underneath your roof. Over time, this backup of water can cost you thousands of dollars when you have to invest in re-roofing services. Luckily, we can save you money!

Your gutters serve a greater purpose than channeling water away from your house. If your gutter system is not working properly because it needs cleaning then there are hosts of problems you may encounter down the road. If water cannot properly drain from your roof and away from your property, this can cause water to pool. Pooling water around your house has the potential to drown your plants and shrubs, decrease the life expectancy of your vinyl siding, or worse, cause foundation shifting and cracks!

The first step to gutter cleaning is to make sure that you need these services. Here is a checklist you can use to determine if you need gutter cleaning services from Jim Thomas Maintenance:

• Overgrown with Weeds– If you discover that plants and weeds have found a home in your gutter system, it’s definitely time for gutter cleaning! If left unattended, this can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs to your roof!

• Pooling Water– If you notice water pooling around your house after a downfall, then you may need gutter cleaning. Pooling water is a sign of an improperly functioning gutter system.

• Gushing Downspouts– If you notice water gushing from the sides of your downspouts, this could be a symptom of a severely clogged gutter that will need to be cleaned right away.

For superior gutter cleaning at your location, arrange a visit to Jim Thomas Maintenance!