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Don’t let moss take over your roof! Jim Thomas Maintenance proudly provides roof moss removal to clients living in Forest Grove, Hillsboro, Aloha, and Beaverton, OR. If left untreated, moss can weaken your roofing system and dramatically decrease its performance. A roof covered with moss will not drain properly, which can cost you thousands of dollars in roofing repairs. To avoid this expensive and unnecessary cost, hire our well-trained technicians to provide you with roof moss removal right away!

Here at Jim Thomas Maintenance, we are able to clean from the ground up to your roof! Because we use environmentally friendly products, you don’t have to worry about your roof moss removal causing contamination. The worst thing you can do as a property owner is to neglect care for your roof. Although your roofing system is designed and built to last for many years, moss and other debris will significantly compromise its effectiveness. The moment you notice moss growth is the moment you should call us!

We serve all of Washington County, OR with superior roof moss removal. We understand the importance of keeping your roof attractive and healthy for the overall stability of your home. We promise to provide you with roof moss removal that will enhance your curb appeal! Whenever we perform any service for you, we are always mindful not to damage your property. That’s why we use various chemicals and water pressure techniques to ensure that we leave your roof intact but professionally cleaned!

Putting off your roof moss removal services is never a good idea. The longer you allow the moss to grow, the greater your chances of roof failure. To receive exceptional roof moss removal, call Jim Thomas Maintenance today!